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Corporate Background The hi story of 20 years of operat ions TECHNOLOGICA originated in July 2001 as a spin-off from the Faculty of Engineering of KU Leuven (University of Leuven, Belgium). Its roots are in chemical engineering and materials science, with international pioneering experience in data systems and artificial intelligence. “TECHNOLOGICA Group” is a joint venture set up by a number of high-tech corporate partners and individual, internationally renowned, scientists and engineers, both from academia and industry. Amongst its main goals is the improved exploitation of results and know-how from previous R&D projects sponsored by the European Commission or by various UN agencies or US-based organizations. Co-workers include former scientists or staff members from e.g., Cambridge Univ. (UK), SRI International (CA, USA), MPA Stuttgart (D), KU Leuven (B), RPI (NY, USA). Original Website opening page ...

Its activities concentrated on (1) Electronic media and advanced information processing technologies, (2) Technical audits and support for investment decisions (e.g., related to environmental technology, mechanical and materials engineering, energy, plant operation and maintenance), and (3) General engineering services and systems, mainly for chemical & petrochemical process industries, oil & gas production, and power plants (e.g., related to materials durability, plant lifetime assessment, corrosion prediction & prevention, failure analysis). With these activities it was a founding member of EU-VRi, the European virtual Institute for integrated Risk Management (Stuttgart, D). In 2021 Technologica Group merged with EDC-Connaissance (Belgium), specialized in corrosion & materials engineering.

Innovat ion i s i n our DNA, today as i t was decades ago i n the 1960s , 70s , 80s and 90s . . . . . . More than ha l f a centur y o f Indust r i al Chemi st ry Resea r ch & Deve l opmen t ! In the early 1970s, the KU Leuven Corrosion Lab played a pioneering role in the development of electrochemical measuring techniques for hightemperature high-pressure aqueous systems, such as geothermal installations or nuclear steam generators. Pioneering University Spin-off Sol id Academic Hi story Marcel Pourbaix (with Ulick Evans) In 1960, the – at that time – very modern “Institute for Industrial Chemistry” was created. One field of research was Industrial Electrochemistry (including Corrosion). Later, other divisions of the Institute had a major role in environmental research and water treatment. The (electrochemical) corrosion work evolved in close cooperation with Marcel Pourbaix (Cebelcor), Belgium’s renowned corrosion scientist, later nominated for the Nobel Price Chemistry. Chemistry at KU Leuven, Belgium’s leading university, already found international recognition back in 1784 with Dr. Minckelers invention of coal gasification and gas lighting. Since then, the university has kept a rich tradition in industrial chemistry and related fields.

Combining Knowledge Eminence, Innovation and Field Experience … It was also one of the first corrosion laboratories to use sophisticated surface analysis techniques (such as Scanning Auger Microprobe – SAM – analysis and X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy – XPS or ESCA) for the study of (pitting) corrosion and passive films on stainless steels and nickel-based alloys. However, the Lab’s major contribution to the field of corrosion and corrosion engineering is probably the introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Advanced Information Processing (AIP). Back in 1984 already it programmed some of the first Expert Systems and later produced Hypertext and Hypermedia CD-ROM corrosion information systems (e.g., “Active Library on Corrosion”, together with NACE International and Elsevier Science Publishers). The Lab also introduced novel concepts and technologies such as Neural Networks, Case-Based Reasoning, Data Mining, etc... in the field of corrosion. For all these innovations, in 2001 it received the NACE International T.J. Hull Award. Later on, it developed new (pitting) corrosion measuring methods, such as the “static potential band method” or – back in 2001 - the EFM (Electrochemical Frequency Modulation) technique – USA Patent 6,320,395 B1.

• Drs. Hans Arents, World Wide Web pioneer in Belgium (& beyond) • “Best Paper” selection @ ‘Online’ Information Technology Conference (London, 1990) • Now with Flemish Administration – and – New Awards ! ... Dr. Telma Carvalho Solving imminent corrosion problems in power plant units (EPRI Recommended Practice) Now with European Commission Prof. Mark Embrechts, Pioneer in Neural Networks and Data Mining Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (USA) Past president New York Northeastern Section of the American Nuclear Society Former visiting professor KU Leuven / Technologica Senior Scientist in Residence Merging Science and ‘Real-world’ Solutions Internat ional Award-winning Team Some of our (current & former) members ...

Dr.ir. J.H. Zheng – Senior Metallurgical Expert Co-Founder Technologica c.v. V.T. Thuy & Johan Winkelmans Development of Award-winning NACE Basic Corrosion Course Original E-Learning system Dr.ir. Rik-Wouter Bosch Electrochemical Frequency Modulation : A new electrochemical technique for on-line corrosion monitoring. NACEINTERNATIONAL A.B.Campbell AWARDfor best CORROSIONpublication in 2002 Dr.ir. Hilde Smets SCC analysis of austenitic stainless steel in chloridebearing water by means of neural network techniques. NACEINTERNATIONAL A.B.Campbell AWARD for best CORROSIONpublication in 1993 Prof. Walter Bogaerts – Chairman EDC-Technologica NACEINTERNATIONAL Fellowship Honor 2020 NACEINTERNATIONAL T.J. Hull Award 2001 Prof. A.S. Jovanovic Former European Commission staff member R&D pioneer in Risk & Resilience management Co-Founder Technologica c.v.

Materials & Corrosion Control Corrosion Insights, Field Investigations and Advisory Services ... Portfolio, Capabilities & Fields of Activity ... Corrosion Understanding from A to Zinc™... and even Zirconium... Marcel Pourbaix (with Ulick Evans) TECHNOLOGICA (now EDCTechnologica) is a result of all these ventures... It currently provides different kinds of services and tools to local and international industry.

Some of our Reference customers, sponsors and partners – Large & Small, International & Local … “Belgium’s most experienced Corrosion Assistance Office …” Home Corrosion Engineering Arbitration & Mediation Data Center Academy Contact

Members of our corrosion and materials consultancy team have been active in the field since the mid 1970s and have achieved a global reputation for their expertise and comprehensive knowledge of materials and corrosion. Our approach is driven by scientific understanding of corrosion mechanisms and materials protection techniques. The guidance we provide to our clients helps to better inform them and enhance their decisionmaking process, enabling further sustainability progress. We have been delivering services to power plant utilities, chemical process industries, oil and gas, nuclear, marine & offshore, infrastructure and civil engineering companies, biomedical industry, hospitals, transport & automotive, legal and insurance businesses, etc… Expertise & Assistance

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Chemical, Nuclear & Materials Engineering • Coatings • Water Treatment • Corrosion Inhibitors • Cathodic Protection • Corrosion Monitoring • Design & Materials Selection • Corrosion Risk Assessment • Corrosion Protection & Mitigation • Trouble Shooting & Failure Analysis • Recommendation of Corrective Actions • Consulting Engineers • Expert Witness & Litigation Support Assistance, Services & Capabilities

Services do not only include engineering advice, but we also provide laboratory investigation and testing facilities when needed, within our global network of specialist laboratories… Advice on materials selection for underground disposal of high-level nuclear waste... Home Corrosion Engineering Arbitration & Mediation Data Center Contact Academy

Peculiar $ Special Topics of Expertise o Materials for Healthcare & Biomedical applications o Electro-chemical testing o Materials behavior in (waste-)water treatment o Micro-biological corrosion o Stress corrosion cracking (SCC) o Nuclear corrosion phenomena o Energy conversion systems o Building materials & infrastructure

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Failure Investigation, Expert Witness and Mediation Failures in any component can lead to expensive damage to equipment, loss of production, costly downtime for repairs, and possible environmental or safety concerns. In case of a corrosion-related failure, we help to identify the specific corrosion type. We will assist in analyzing the root cause of the problem and understand the factors that influenced the failure. Together with our customer, we will also try to define most appropriate corrective and remedial actions, as well as preventive measures for the future. With an international team of technical experts in forensic science, metallurgy, chemical engineering, and materials & corrosion science and technology, we also have access to some of the most powerful analysis and investigation equipment. Pitting Corrosion (Chloride Attack)

Electron Microscopy (SEM), X-ray Analysis (EDX), Surface Analysis (XPS, SAM, etc…), Chemical Analysis of liquids (GC-MS, IC, etc…), and many more … Whenever this leads to disputes amongst stakeholders about the cause or responsibilities for the failure, we may offer professional mediation and arbitration services between parties. Alternatively, we deliver expert witness evidence on our findings in case of a legal dispute. Corrosion Types Uniform corrosion Galvanic corrosion Intergranular Transgranular Stress Corrosion Cracking (SCC) Pitting Crevice Corrosion Microbiological Corrosion Some Important Home Corrosion Engineering Arbitration & Mediation Data Center Contact Academy Official Court Witness Experts in Belgium (Brussels, Antwerp, Gent, Bruges)

Corrosion & Materials Knowledge Transfer Pioneers in Artif icial Intel l igence, E-Learning & Advanced Information Processing...

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Examples of KU Leuven developments include the development of expert systems, such as ESCORT (Expert Software for Corrosion Technology) and PRIME (Process Industries’ Materials Expert). Corrosion Knowledge Knowledge preservation for the future is a bottleneck in many companies. Especially specific expertknowledge is a key asset. Corrosion & materials engineering knowledge is a prime example of this. Co-workers of EDC-Technologica, many of them former employees of the KU Leuven Corrosion Lab, had a pioneering role in this field, but the original ideas about computerized corrosion knowledge systems came from Costi Edeleanu (Cambridge University & ex-ICI). It also resulted in the realization of the first hypermedia CD-ROM on Corrosion Engineering: the ALC (Active Library on Corrosion), in cooperation with NACE International and Elsevier.

Home Corrosion Engineering Arbitration & Mediation Data Center Contact Academy • Failure Analysis Assistant • Water Treatment Guide • AUSCOR: Corrosion Risk analysis for Austenitic stainless steels • Materials Selection for Hazardous Chemicals • Home Study Corrosion Course • Remote smart Corrosion Monitoring & Surveillance • … • Corporate-tailored Systems (e.g., Oil Refinery operation) Other examples of (intelligent) information tools developed within our group include :

Pictures and tables can also be zoomed in, handy if a table text is small to read, or if you would like to enlarge a micrograph … Active Books on Corrosion Currently, there is a whole new set of corrosion information tools being developed, the so-called“Active Books on Corrosion” ™ This computer-based “Active Book” comes with the same look-and-feel as any other book (incl. natural page turns), but combines it with the advantages of common e-books (hyperlinks, search and annotation facilities, animated images, etc …) When video material is used, automatic translation for subtitles is provided. A whole catalogue of available (& possible forthcoming) titles is available at www.corrosion.info

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Corrosion Academy™ Professional Training, Education, and More ... In Dutch ...

Interactive Courses We provide several formats for both vocational training as more science-oriented purposes. They range from basic to more advanced study seminars : ❑Corporate Seminars, such as “Corrosion in 1 Day” ™: a one-day course, highlighting all the basics of corrosion (ABC), different corrosion types and corrosion prevention techniques (including Q & A, etc…) ❑Regular Courses, e.g. at University of Leuven: Materials Selection for Chemical Process Equipment and Structural Integrity of Process Installations (Essenscia Chair for Safety Engineering) ❑Specific Lectures: e.g. Stainless Steels & Nickel-based Alloys, Cathodic Protection, Corrosion Inhibitors, Corrosion Prevention by Design, Failure Analysis Methods, … Home Corrosion Engineering Arbitration & Mediation Data Center Contact Academy

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Contact … ▪ EDC-Connaissance/Technologica Group European Technical Joint Venture o Headquarters & Visitors address: ‘Tower Hill’ Business Residence Heikant 85 B-2450 Meerhout (Belgium) o Direct phone: +32 – 475 607847 o Email: technologica@telenet.be ▪ KU Leuven (University of Leuven) o Faculty of Engineering Science Email: walter.bogaerts@kuleuven.be Email: corrosion@kuleuven.be Location on Map … Home Corrosion Engineering Arbitration & Mediation Data Center Contact ▪ Our Partners : Academy

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